Rome cloth is what material? What are the characteristics?

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1 Rome cloth definition
Rome cloth is a knitted fabric, weft, double circular knitting machine to do. Also called Pan Yangdi Rome cloth (ponte-de-roma), commonly known as playing chicken cloth. Rome cloth is four road, a loop, no ordinary cloth double-sided cloth, slightly bar slight not too rules.
Horizontal and vertical elastic fabric is better, but the transverse tensile properties as double-sided cloth, strong moisture absorption.
For the production of personal clothing, breathable, soft, comfortable to wear.
2 knitting technology
In the production of ordinary double knitting machine, divided into two types -- the ordinary Rome cloth and senior Rome cloth, the braiding process is as follows:
1, the needle arrangement -- knitting Rome cloth, needle according to the ordinary double rib (Mian Mao) arrangement of needles can be. The 1F, 2F is knitted interlock stitch (interlock); Article 3F is not to participate in the work of knitting needles needle plate, needle cylinder all participate in weaving; Article 4F needle.
2, ordinary Rome cloth triangle row needle does not participate in the work, needle plate needle all participate in weaving.
3, senior Rome cloth arranged in Triangle -- Section 1F, 2F woven double rib knitting needle plate; Article 3F, 4F not to participate in the work, needle cylinder are low needle and the needle high Chung Chung in weaving; Article 5F, 6F is a needle cylinder does not participate in the work, the needle disc knitting needle and the high Chung respectively low in Chung needle weaving.
The difference between the organization and the organization of Rome cotton
Rome organization and cotton tissue than cloth is not very smooth, dark stripes, cotton is a cycle of two road, Rome is a circular road four.
The 3 Rome clothing specification
Usually there are: 32st/r +75D DTY+40D/20DSP spandex, weight: 230~350. Can be reactive dyeing, the dyed blended. Generally used in the clothing fabric, T-shirt wear etc..