Waffle cloth clothes maintenance

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1 waffle
Waffle, also known as the waffle pattern (English: waffle pattern), is concave and convex pattern is a square or rhombic. It was given the name of waffles, are thus derived from the waffle pattern. Waffles originated in Belgium, with a special pan (waffle iron) of the oven is made of. The upper and lower surfaces of a baking tray lattice, a concave convex, to pour into the batter out square or diamond shaped grid. Waffle on grid pattern, namely the waffle.
How to maintain the Editor 2
1, worn to minimize friction, pull, wash frequently;
2, cleaning, drying, ironing, should be stacked flat;
3, strong moisture absorption, should prevent high temperature collection, moldy phenomenon of high wet and dirty environment caused by;
4, fabric clothing suitable for washing, not suitable for dry cleaning,
5, the ironing temperature can be controlled at 120 ~ 140 C
Required temperature ironing 6, ironing, ironing to less use of push and pull, make the clothing to is the natural extension of.
Application of editing 3 waffle on textile fabric
Hua Fuge has a lot of kinds of weave, Guangdong is also called the checkered cloth, canvas, waffle cloth (lattice similar wafers), knitting has woven.
The waffle cloth adopts full cotton yarn 20s * 10s as raw material, according to a 56 x 55 selected hidden lattice structure in rapier loom, weaving, successively after dyeing and finishing and sophisticated processing technology from. Cloth hidden if dark if Ming, quality as the impeccable, was hailed as the leader of cotton fabric. Regardless of texture, style, texture etc are better than single raw material of woven fabric is better. The fabric width is 90 inches, about 165 (g/m2), is now listed wholesale price per metre between 11.05 ~ 12.50 yuan / m. This cloth is now mainly used for bedding and kitchen cleaning supplies.
A brief introduction to the waffle cloth patent product
A new generation of waffle cloth double-sided single-layer velvet and double-sided fabric with patterns of patent products
The new product research and development, can be washed, machine washable, not shrink, not hair loss, non pilling double-sided single-layer velvet and double knitting patterned fabrics, fully make up for the traditional napped velvet products not machine washable, easy hair falling, Yi Qiqiu years did not solve the "difficult" defects, fill the blank.
The new product water variant, silk or natural fiber with double M and double W type solid winding in the cloth, and then to double cut velvet pile produced after the direct care, human skin. Comfortable and beautiful, has opened up a new area of technology, is convenient for people who care, green products. Applicable to the production of wool blankets, scarves, Stoles, pajamas, bathrobe, bath robe, blankets, children's clothes, baby clothes, bedding series 4 piece suit, Home Furnishing dress. Will be the birth of a new field of application, the leading consumer market.
Extension of this process, and the successful development of a surface for the hive: rough, three-dimensional sense of strong, commonly known as "waffle" inside the W type consolidation silk cut velvet velvet products. Known as the "model two with fabric velvet nest".
The features of the product are: 1, washing machine washable, non pilling dont drop hair, caring, convenient for the people. 2, the new two fabric style chic, moisture absorption effect is obvious. 3, this product can be used as positive and negative, the product can be washing machine washable fluff, aliasing, and generally more easily than velvet custody, storage of non deformation. The fabric surface waffle appearance, inside velvet grace gorgeous, can protect the skin.
Silk, Tencel, bamboo fiber, cotton is pure natural green products, moisture content close to the human body needs humidity, especially silk fibroin and sericin composition contains many amino acids, has a good effect on human health. Double sided plush, velvet products, moisture permeability, suitable for four seasons. Using silk, cashmere fabric made of both stiff body bone, there are elegant and soft waxy feel, and silk luster, elegant products, to meet the market demand.
Once the products coming to market by domestic and foreign experts praise, also get the attention of the government sector, the product has been included in the "provincial new product" project in Zhejiang Province, and has been declared a national key new product projects. In May 2, 2007, May 9, 2008 respectively by the State Intellectual Property Office for approval by the utility model patents, invention patents. The relevant departments of the project has been listed as the 2007 international focus of scientific and technological achievements transformation implementation of the project, quasi honor International Invention Fair Gold Medal of science and technology. At present the company has the ability to mass production, new products are faced with broad prospects.
Waffle cloth clothes maintenance
Hua Fuge this is a square or diamond shaped graphics, this kind of clothes maintenance is as follows:
1 this to wear this dress will pay attention to minimize friction and drag, so is easily broken, we must constantly change.
2 dry after washing, ironing to do good and then bring them to fall flat in place.
In 3 place is the best time to put them in the region of low temperature, because on the high temperature of the place is easily moldy.
4 wash the material of clothes should be hand washed, it is best not to dry cleaning.
5 in the ironing is best temperature control at one hundred and twenty to one hundred and forty degrees.