Fiber fabrics with special functions

2021-05-15 14:00:13 aoxunyi 19

Electromagnetic wave shielding fiber fabric

With the popularization of office and household appliances such as mobile phones, computers and microwave ovens, the harm of electromagnetic wave radiation has become increasingly prominent. In order to protect the human body from or minimize the harm of electromagnetic radiation, the electromagnetic radiation source can be shielded to reduce its radiation amount; you can also wear an effective anti-electromagnetic radiation protective fabric for self-protection.

Antibacterial and deodorant fiber fabric

In 1955, Japan successfully developed antibacterial fiber fabrics. Metals or salts can destroy the metabolic function of bacterial cell membranes and cause the death of bacteria, thereby playing a role of sterilization. In recent years, many other inorganic and organic antibacterial agents have been developed to impart antibacterial and deodorant properties to fiber fabrics and textiles through blending, composite spinning or finishing. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, antibacterial and deodorant fiber fabrics and textiles have a promising future.

Far infrared functional fiber fabric

Far-infrared fiber fabric has excellent health care, physical therapy, moisture removal, ventilation, and antibacterial functions. It can absorb the heat emitted by the body itself, absorb and emit far infrared rays of the wavelength most needed by the body, promote blood circulation and keep warm . The ideal far-infrared fabric has good heat preservation, antibacterial and physical therapy functions. At present, the far-infrared textiles developed at home and abroad mainly include underwear, pants, cushions, etc.

Medical functional fiber fabric

Medical functional fiber is the product of the intersection of life science and material science, and is an important material basis for the development of modern clinical medicine. Medical functional fibers have been used to varying degrees in surgical transplantation, external artificial organs, and medical accessories.