Which is better, bamboo fiber and pure cotton? Bamboo fiber is better than pure cotton

2021-03-01 14:00:02 aoxunyi 20

The main component of bamboo fiber is bamboo. Secondly, a little protein, pigment, pectin and other substances will be mixed. There are two types of bamboo fibers: natural bamboo fibers and chemical bamboo fibers. Pure cotton fabrics are made from cotton and made through textile technology. Those with a cotton content of about 70% can be regarded as pure cotton.

The advantages of pure cotton compared to bamboo fiber

Pure cotton is also a fabric that we often come into contact with in our lives. It has many advantages. Now let's take a look at it for everyone.

One: It has strong hygroscopicity and can quickly absorb water stains on the surface, making the fabric appear in a state of water balance, suitable for personal use.

Two: high heat preservation. Cotton is a poor conductor of electricity and heat, and its thermal conductivity is very low. Therefore, cotton fabrics have strong thermal insulation properties and are very warm when worn on the body.

Three: Good hygiene performance. The raw material of pure cotton fabric is natural, no irritation, no harm to the skin, good and harmless to the skin.

The disadvantage of pure cotton compared to bamboo fiber

There are advantages and disadvantages. The big disadvantage of pure cotton fabric is: easy to wrinkle and easy to shrink. Therefore, we must be extra careful about the water temperature when washing, and smooth the surface of the fabric when measuring, and do not pull the fabric too hard.

Advantages of bamboo fiber compared to pure cotton

Bamboo fiber is a new type of environmentally friendly fabric with many advantages.

One: Bamboo fiber has the function of anti-ultraviolet rays. The penetration rate of ultraviolet rays on pure cotton fabrics is 25%, and the penetration rate on bamboo fiber fabrics is much lower than 1%.

2: Absorb sweat and breathe. Under the observation of the electron microscope, the cross section of the bamboo fiber is covered with oval small holes, which can instantly evaporate sweat. Among all natural fibers, bamboo fiber has strong sweat-absorbing and breathable functions, and is known as the "breathable fiber". The breathability of bamboo fiber is 3.5 times that of pure cotton fabric.

Three: Green and environmental protection. The main raw material of bamboo fiber is bamboo, which grows fast, distributes widely, and has strong adaptability. Natural and environmentally friendly, it meets the consumption needs of modern people.

Fourth, health care. Bamboo fiber has antibacterial function, which can appropriately delay skin aging, and it can still be used for allergic skin. The small holes in the bamboo fiber can also absorb harmful gases in the air, which is very beneficial to human health.

After comparison, we can see that bamboo fiber is better than pure cotton fabric, so we can put bamboo fiber fabric in front when buying clothes or home textiles.