What kind of fabric is spandex What are the advantages and disadvantages of spandex

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When buying new clothes, people often look at the price on the brand of the clothes. Of course, there are also materials such as polyester, acrylic, etc. What about spandex? Spandex fabrics are mainly used in the manufacture of tights, sportswear, shoe soles, etc. Therefore, there are relatively more clothes made of spandex in the homes of sportsmen. But why is spandex mainly used there? What are its characteristics?

The big advantage of spandex fabric is that it has good elasticity, can stretch 5-8 times, does not age, spandex cannot be woven alone, generally it is woven with other materials, spandex share is about 3-10%, swimwear fabric spandex The share reached 20%. Spandex fiber is a synthetic fiber with high cracking elongation (above 400%), low modulus and high elastic recovery rate. my country's trade name of multi-block polyurethane fiber.

Also known as elastic fiber. Spandex has high elongation (500%~700%), low elastic modulus (200% elongation, 0.04~0.12 g/denier) and high elastic recovery rate (200% elongation, 95%~99%). Except for the higher strength, other physical and mechanical properties are very similar to those of natural latex yarn. It is more resistant to chemical degradation than latex yarn, has moderate thermal stability, and has a softening temperature above 200°C. Most dyes and finishing agents used for synthetic fibers and natural fibers are also suitable for dyeing and finishing of spandex. Spandex is resistant to sweat, seawater and various dry cleaning agents and most sunscreen oils. Long-term exposure to sunlight or chlorine bleach will also fade, but the degree of fade varies greatly with the type of spandex.

Advantages of Spandex

1. Large stretchability, good shape retention, and no wrinkle;

2. Soft and smooth hand, good elasticity, comfortable to wear, and considerate fit;

3. Acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, and aging resistance;

4. It has good dyeability and is not suitable for fading.

Disadvantages of Spandex

1. Poor moisture absorption

2. Spandex is generally not used alone, but blended with other fabrics

3. Poor heat resistance

Washing and curing of spandex fabric:

Spandex fabric has good elasticity, is not easy to aging and deformation, and is more resistant to sweat, sea water, etc., but long-term soaking, high temperature washing, bleach washing, etc. will still cause clothing to fade and change color, especially spandex is often blended with other fabrics, such as Pay special attention to cotton spandex during the cleaning and maintenance process.

What kind of fabric is spandex? What are the characteristics of spandex fabric? Spandex is one of our most common fabrics. It is more common in clothes, but in home furnishings, whether it is bedding or window cloth, sofa covers and other fabric items, Spandex is not used in a small amount, so it is still necessary for us to understand the characteristics of spandex fabrics and what to pay attention to when washing and curing.

Spandex is now in great demand on the market, and people’s lives are now becoming healthier. People pay more attention to physical exercise. Combined with the high elasticity of spandex, the affinity to the human body can also make people feel happy.