Is bamboo fiber harmful to the human body? Very environmentally friendly fabrics are not harmful

2021-05-07 14:00:38 aoxunyi 11

Because the fabric of bamboo fiber does not have a long history like pure cotton, although it has always been claimed to be natural fabrics, many people still doubt that this fabric is harmful to the human body. So, is there any harm in bamboo fiber?

Is bamboo fiber harmful to the human body?

No harm

Bamboo fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber made of fine natural bamboo as raw material, processed by a special high-tech process, and extracted from the cellulose in the bamboo, and then processed through processes such as gum making and spinning. Bamboo fiber has antibacterial, antibacterial and anti-ultraviolet functions. Bamboo fiber has strong moisture absorption and good air permeability, so it meets the characteristics of comfort. Bamboo fiber products have excellent skin-friendliness, soft touch and refreshing skin feel. Bamboo fiber products are fluffy and light, smooth and delicate, soft and light, with cotton-like softness, silk-like smoothness, soft and close-fitting, skin-friendly, and good drape, giving people a zero-pressure comfort.

Disadvantages of bamboo fiber

(1) About color fading: Because bamboo fiber home textiles and wood fiber fabrics use plant dyes in order to maintain their natural and environmentally friendly features and functions, and the color fastness is not as good as chemical dyes, so there will be fading in the first washing. The thicker the color, the more serious the color fade. But it will not affect the utility and function, please rest assured to use!

(2) About wear resistance: The characteristics of the production process of bamboo fiber and wood fiber are not as good as cotton. The higher the content, the more comfortable it is to use, but the less wear-resistant it is. Therefore, it is easier to shed hair and break yarn than cotton products, and the life span is not as long as cotton products.

(3) About washing: In view of the above reasons, please pay attention to the following points when washing bamboo fiber and wood fiber: It is not advisable to rub back and forth forcefully, clean with water and gently wring out, do not soak in water for a long time, and wash less. Supplies, avoid exposure to the sun.

Bamboo fiber purchase skills

1. Burning-natural. Take out one or two yarns from the bamboo fiber towel, ignite it with fire, and observe the burning phenomenon carefully. The bamboo fiber burns quickly, has the smell of plant burning, and the ashes become gray-white powdery, without balling. Towels containing chemical fibers have a pungent odor when burned, the ashes become black, and the phenomenon of balling occurs.

2. Washing-self-cleaning and self-cleaning. Wet the bamboo fiber towels, then pour oil stains on the towels, and then rub them under the water pipe without any detergent. You will see that the oil stains are completely washed away by the water, and the bamboo fiber towels are still as bright as new. This is because bamboo fiber has strong decontamination and oil repellent, self-cleaning and self-cleaning capabilities. And if an ordinary towel is used to clean tableware in less than a few days, it is messy, dirty, difficult to clean, and moldy, sticky, and smelly will appear in the back.