Spandex will still rise? Why is it so crazy?

2021-04-29 14:00:45 aoxunyi 18

Everyone in the textile industry knows that the price of textile raw materials after the year has gone crazy, and the price of textile raw materials after the year has gone crazy. However, among all kinds of raw materials, the price increase must be the spandex. Taking 40D spandex as an example, the price was around 29,000 yuan/ton in September last year, but the price has risen to 65,000 yuan/ton in the past six months, more than doubled.

The sharp rise in the price of textile raw materials after the year was mainly driven by international crude oil and passive price adjustments due to rising costs. Support from the cost side has become an important factor in the price increase of raw materials, and spandex is no exception.

The upstream raw materials of spandex are mainly PTMEG and pure MDI, the ratio of the two is close to 8: 2. In 2020, the upstream cost will increase significantly. The overall trend of the main raw material PTMEG is stable and upward, and the price of pure MDI has gradually returned to rationality after the strong rise to a high point. However, the overall demand can be followed up. With the gradual entry of terminal demand, the supply gap is still obvious, and pure MDI has also ushered in a sharp rise after the Spring Festival. As of March 10, 2021, PTMEG rose by RMB 20,700/ton, or 104.5% during the year, and pure MDI rose by RMB 6,600/ton, or 29.33% during the year. With strong cost support, the price of spandex has gradually risen to a high level.

But only the cost-side support is not enough to make the price of spandex so crazy. The demand in the textile market is an important factor that makes the price of spandex soar.

Raw materials: The high level of the pure MDI market dropped during the week, the willingness to make profit in the market was more obvious, and the offer price fell. The supply-side pressure-free state is still maintained, but the slow delivery of the pre-orders is the main. The downstream follow-up ability is limited, and the buying momentum is difficult.

Recently, the raw material BDO has stabilized and declined slightly, and the cost support is slightly weaker, which is bad for the mentality of the industry. PTMEG's current factory has many stocks without pressure, the offer is high and the spandex load is stable.