Which is better, spandex or pure cotton? Can spandex cause cancer?

2021-03-31 14:43:51 aoxunyi 346

Which is better, spandex or pure cotton? Can spandex cause cancer? Spandex is a chemical synthetic fiber known for its elasticity, while pure cotton is liked by consumers for its high comfort. In recent years, these two kinds of clothing fabrics have occupied a large proportion in the market. Regarding spandex and pure There are more and more controversies about which cotton is better. I will analyze the two fabrics of spandex and pure cotton.

Let's take a look at the characteristics of spandex fabrics: First, the elasticity of synthetic fibers is very good, and spandex can be stretched to 6-7 times its own length. The good elasticity also determines the fabric will have good wrinkle resistance. But generally there are no pure spandex fabrics, but in the form of blended fabrics, such as 10% spandex + 90% cotton, and then the corrosion resistance and mildew resistance of spandex fabrics. Spandex with similar quality is in terms of price. Will be lower than pure cotton.

Then there are the characteristics of pure cotton fabrics: in fact, everyone will have a general impression of pure cotton-comfortable, this is the main characteristic of pure cotton, but in fact, pure cotton still has some defects, such as shrinkage or shrinkage after washing. The situation of pilling, and with the increase of washing times, the degree of deformation of the clothes will become larger and larger.

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of these two fabrics, we can know that the elasticity of spandex is better than that of pure cotton, and spandex is more resistant to washing. Normal washing will not cause clothing deformation or pilling like pure cotton, but from the comfort level And from the perspective of warmth retention, chemical fiber is not as good as pure cotton. Therefore, no one is better than pure cotton in these two fabrics. I can only say who can better meet the needs of customers. If clothes are used for higher elasticity requirements If it is used to make underwear, it would be more suitable for spandex. If it is used to make underwear, it is definitely better to use pure cotton.

Can spandex cause cancer?

Although spandex is a chemically synthetic fiber, as a fabric, the country has strict testing standards. Only when various indicators are tested can it be used for production. Moreover, the fabric must be strictly tested after it is ready for clothing. Therefore, the spandex that is worn on our body Clothing is not carcinogenic.